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  Andean Study Programs is a service organization that custom designs top quality study abroad programs in Ecuador for American or European universities. We will design and direct your semester, quarter, or month long study abroad program in any discipline. We specialize in Biology programs in the Galapagos and the Amazon Rainforest. We are experts in state of the art immersion Spanish programs with excellent home stays and superb experiences in Andean and Amazonian native communities.

Located within walking distance of Quito’s main universities, our Andean Study Center has energized classrooms surrounding an indoor garden café where students relax in the sunny patio during class breaks, sipping cappuccino, and munching on hot cinnamon rolls. We contract the best professors in Quito for intensive language instruction or lectures on bio-diversity, international trade, or the economy. Outside of Quito, the learning environment boasts native Andean and Amazonian communities, the incredibly diverse Cloud Forest, and the enchanted Galapagos Islands..

Quito, Ecuador - Andes Mountains - Cotopaxi, Pinchincha

Academic Experience
Andean Study Programs is an educational institution with credentials from the Ecuadorian government. Additionally, all of the programs carry the name and credentials of the sponsoring universities, who retain full ownership of the study abroad programs. Ongoing programs and previously hosted universities are listed below.

  • Appalachian State University (Latin American History and Spanish)
  • Bethel College (Anthropology, Biology, and International Business)
  • Carleton College (Biology)
  • Eckerd College (Biology)
  • Marygrove College (Biology and Native Culture)
  • Michigan State University (Graduate Program in Applied Linguistics)
  • Ohio State University (Spanish and Graduate Program in Linguistics)
  • Simpson College (Biology)
  • St. Olaf College (Biology, Spanish, and Continuing Education)
  • St. Petersburg College (Oceanography, Astronomy, and Spanish)
  • University of California Santa Cruz (Field Institute Internships)
  • University of Oregon (Biology)
  • Washington and Lee University (Biology)

Contact us for e-mails of colleagues in the above institutions who can recommend our expertise, or for web sites to current programs.

Alumni and Continuing Education
In 2004, Andean Study Programs will host the first alumni travel seminar for St. Olaf College in Minnesota. A group of adult learners will discover biological and ethnic diversity as they visit Andean communities, the Amazon Rainforest and the Galapagos Islands.

High School
In 2003, Andean Study Programs began hosting high school programs. Students of Long Trail High School in Vermont spent ten days in the Andes and Amazon, learning from their Ecuadorian counterparts in high school visits and discovering the Amazon Rainforest. Spanish Immersion programs using Andean and Amazonian communities and Ecology programs focusing on Galapagos and the Amazon, offer life changing experiences for high school students.

Juan Miguel and Lori Espinoza are the directors of Andean Study Programs. Additional team members include professors contracted from local universities, program coordinators, office assistants, and staff biologists. The international staff draw on work experience and graduate degrees from both the United States and Ecuador, with academic backgrounds in Biology, Anthropology, Sociology, Religion, Literature, and Applied Linguistics. We have extensive working knowledge of higher education both in the United States and Ecuador. Our network into the academic, professional, and business communities is equally extensive.

We would like to thank our colleagues and friends Nick Biddle, Terrell Morgan, Pat Lunn, Gretchen Wrobel, Jim Reynhout, and Bob Weaver for their support and continued encouragement during the initial development years and ongoing expansion of Andean Study Programs.