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Are you a Biology or Spanish professor? Why not take students to the Galapagos or the Amazon Rainforest? Does your college need a state of the art intensive Spanish program with staff on site that understand the needs of North American students? What about a Galapagos travel seminar for alumni? Are you a painter, writer, or photographer searching for creative travel that energizes you? Are you a professional looking for the very best immersion language program at prices you can afford? Andean Study Programs is perfect for you.

Andean Study Programs is a service organization that custom designs top quality study abroad programs in Ecuador for American or European universities. We take a program in any discipline from its inception, through the design stage, to final completion. We think through every detail ahead of time so that from the moment students get off the plane in Ecuador, to their last goodbye, every experience is superb.

We specialize in Biology programs in the Galapagos and the Amazon Rainforest. We are experts in state of the art immersion Spanish programs with excellent home stays and outstanding experiences in Andean and Amazonian native communities.

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